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Teammate Giving

2021 RSFH Gives! Teammate Giving Campaign

At Roper St. Francis Healthcare, we believe in our mission of healing all people with compassion, faith and excellence. The RSFH Gives! Teammate Giving Campaign is a way you can continue that mission by giving back to help our patients, each other and the community.

We are excited to announce that this year, the Roper St. Francis Foundation Teammate Giving Campaign will launch July 14.  We hope that the RSFH Gives! Campaign will continue to be an opportunity to celebrate our giving spirit as an organization.

The campaign will be led internally by our Foundation in partnership with Trident United Way and give you a convenient way once a year to donate.  Just like last year, you can choose to support Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Trident United Way, or both if you wish.

As a teammate of a non-profit community hospital, you have a unique opportunity to enrich the wellness of your community beyond the excellent care and service you provide. From payroll deduction to PTO donations, there are many ways to give. No matter the size or designation, all donations will go to support either Roper St. Francis Healthcare or Trident United Way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give to Roper St. Francis Healthcare and Trident United Way at the same time?

Yes. Just check the boxes of which organization you would like to support.  If you choose payroll deduction, you must a give a minimum of $10 per pay period to Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

Q: Can I support the Roper St. Francis Foundation through the Trident United Way?

In the past, this option was available through the Trident United Way Campaign.  Now that we have combined the campaigns, you can support the Roper St. Francis Foundation directly and no administrative fee will be deducted from your gift.

Q: How do I donate to the RSFH Gives! Campaign?

A: You have many options for participating in the RSFH Gives! Campaign.

To make a gift online, select one of the following options:

  • Enrollment in PTO contributions, bi-weekly, one-time, or continuous payroll deductions are available from July 14 to August 4. Login into myHR on CareLine.
  • Gifts may be made by credit card, one-time or recurring monthly. Visit anytime to donate using your credit card.
  • To make a gift by mail, send your donation form, along with a check or credit card information (for security reasons, please don’t send cash) or visit our office:

Roper St. Francis Foundation
125 Doughty Street, Suite 790
Charleston, SC 29403

Make a gift over the phone by calling our office at
(843) 720-1205.

Q: Am I eligible to donate PTO?

A: To donate paid time off to the RSFH Gives! Campaign, a teammate must have been in a benefits eligible status for at least six (6) months of continuous service at the time of the donation. Donating paid time off may not reduce a teammate's overall paid time off balance below forty (40) hours for full-time teammates and twenty (20) hours for part-time teammates. Refer to PTO Policy # 7500-03-10 for more information.

Q: Are taxes taken out of my PTO donation?

Yes.  Federal law requires that 39.65% of PTO contributions be withheld from your gift for Federal, State and FICA taxes. As an example, a teammate making $10.00 per hour donating 10 hours of PTO would be credited as making a contribution of $60.35 after taxes are withheld. Refer to PTO Policy #7500-03-10 for eligibility info.

To become a 2021 Rx Society member, the total contribution should be a minimum of $1,500 after taxes are withheld.

Q: I can't make a big gift right now. Can I still contribute?

A: Your participation, rather than your amount, is what is most important. Gifts of any size demonstrate your commitment to our community and mission and are appreciated.

Q: Can I give directly to a teammate in need?

A: The RSFH Gives! Campaign adds resources to the Teammate Emergency Fund, which is managed by the Mission Department. To ensure the Fund is used for our teammates in critical need, donations may not be designated to a specific co-worker.

Q: Can I designate my gift to support more than two designations for Roper St. Francis Healthcare?

No.  You may select a maximum of two projects. Should you decide to select two funds, your gift total will be split evenly between each one. The Foundation recommends a minimum total of $10.00 for split gifts.

Q: How will I be recognized for my contribution?

A: All donors to the RSFH Gives! Campaign will be recognized in a special donor roster following the campaign. Donors who give to support Roper St. Francis Healthcare or Trident United Way will be recognizing per the stewardship guidelines of each organization. All donors who make a gift of $10 or more will also receive a RSFH Gives! t-shirt!

For teammates who donate to the Roper St. Francis Foundation, you will receive the following stewardship benefits:

  • Gives Club: $20-$499 (Listing in the Gives! donor roster, T-shirt)
  • Friends level: $500-$1,499 (Listing in the Gives! donor roster, T-shirt, exclusive token of appreciation)
  • Society level: $1,500 + (Listing in the Gives! donor roster, T-shirt, invitation to Rx Society Donor Appreciation Gala in 2023)


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