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Lauren's Story

Donors Allowed Lauren to Focus on Her Treatment and Not Her Bills

In September 2020, during the thick of the pandemic, Lauren was met with the three words one prays to never hear – “you have cancer.” A cancer diagnosis comes with many unanswered questions and concerns, especially for a 34-year-old new mom. Lauren was completely shocked by the news and wondered what she was going to do. One routine mammogram changed her life forever, and she is grateful to have had the best possible care at Roper St. Francis Healthcare during this challenging time.

“I was thankful to have had wonderful doctors by my side who never rushed anything.” 

Dr. Kalinsky rearranged his schedule to make sure she had plenty of time to ask him questions after receiving her diagnosis. “I was taken aback by that. The fact that he took more time out of his busy schedule to sit with me and answer every question showed me that he really cared about my situation.” Dr. Megan Baker was another physician who was there for every question and cheering Lauren on during each round of chemo. “She always checked in with me to see how I was doing and how my son was doing. She even would talk with my mother and answer any questions she had. Dr. Baker is an amazing doctor and communicator. Every time I make an appointment with her, I know I am going to receive excellent care.” 

Lauren has talked to many cancer survivors and has seen that not everyone was as fortunate as she was when receiving care and compassion during a harrowing time. “I was getting a level of care that was special and unique at Roper St. Francis.” With donor support, Lauren was able to receive guidance from a nurse navigator, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare provider who works directly with cancer patients and their families to develop a program of support that is designed to meet their specific needs. Thanks to our donors' generous support, the Oncology Nurse Navigator Program is completely free of charge and allowed Lauren to have a familiar, consistent source of support to help her understand her diagnosis thoroughly and receive family and financial assistance while she focused on treatment and healing. 

After 6 cycles of chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiation, 11 cycles of immunotherapy, and a double mastectomy, Lauren is officially cancer free and happy to share that she is pregnant again.

Because of donor support, Lauren is now thriving as a cancer survivor and looks forward to spending every moment to the fullest. 

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