the Fellows Program

The Roper St. Francis Foundation Fellows Program provides a behind-the-scenes look at Roper St. Francis Healthcare and the Roper St. Francis Foundation to selected members who form a fellows class. Fellows meet leading staff and physicians and participate in exclusive tours of our facilities. The goal of the program is to develop well-educated advocates for Roper St. Francis Healthcare and our Foundation.

2019 Roper St. Francis Foundation Fellows 

G. Hamlin O’Kelley III, Chair

Ian Bowers

Elizabeth Crabtree

Christi Fabie

Shawn Gaffin

Len Howell

Katie Jayne

Jack Liles

D. Gary Lovell, Jr.

Craig Massey

Andrew McMarlin, MC

Brian Mello

Debbie Rice

Catherine Stuhr

Ellie Tiller

Charlton Wieters

Who can participate?

Each fellows class is composed of professionals and volunteers who actively demonstrate leadership in our community. Each out-going class of fellows participants nominate the in-coming class and help to recruit new members, donors and volunteer leaders.

What are the benefits?

Participants gain:

  • Insight into medical and technological advances through access to areas of Roper St. Francis Healthcare not readily available to the public
  • The opportunity to network with members of the fellows class and Roper St. Francis Healthcare physicians and professional staff
  • Understanding of the inner-workings of the healthcare system and the Foundation

Do I need to be a donor to participate?

You are not required to be a donor to be a member of the fellows. We hope you will be inspired by what you learn during your time as a fellow and become a donor or increase your commitment to the Roper St. Francis Foundation.

Who may I contact for more information?

You may call Maureen Tokarczyk, Director of Annual Giving, at (843) 789-1622 or email

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